You’ve probably seen pictures of intricate and beautiful projects around the world taking advantage of epoxy resin with wood. This look has become incredibly popular in the last decade, and for good reason! This is an easy way to make a statement for the features in your home and is completely unique to you and your design preferences. 

What many people don’t know about these awesome structures is that many of them actually utilize reclaimed wood. It’s a good way to make use of old materials and give them new life. If you have some clean reclaimed wood sitting around, what better way to take advantage of it than make it into something spectacular.


One of the most popular epoxy resin projects is creating tables with a stream of beautiful colors flowing through its surface. Not only is this a fun project that most can take on themselves, but it’s also a beautiful piece that you can enjoy for decades. Maybe you’ve got a few slabs of wood sitting around, or perhaps you’d like to seek out the perfect grain for your design. Epoxy resin tables look all the better when built with reclaimed wood. Not to mention, reclaimed wood gives your accents a piece of history and charm that new wood simply cannot capture. Whether you’re looking to build a long dining table to fit the whole family or a small nightstand to enjoy for yourself, there are so many possibilities with this awesome material.


Another easy and beautiful project that many people love to build are shelves. Shelving can come in many shapes and sizes, but epoxy resin may be the most stunning yet. This is an ideal project for those that want a hint of character but aren’t ready to commit to a huge epoxy centerpiece. These shelves can also be made easily within a weekend and are a fun project for all ages. When matched with reclaimed wood, the epoxy resin in the shelves pops and draws eyes in from any space. For those hoping to install floating shelves, epoxy allows people to see through the material. This can be especially cool when paired with a light feature or to showcase an item from its top and bottom. 

Barn Doors

Reclaimed wood barn doors with epoxy resin are absolutely beautiful. If you’ve never seen one before, we encourage you to do some research on these magnificent accents. This project is a bit more involved than other pieces of furniture, but certainly worth the effort. You’ll need a slab or two (depending on the quantity you need) of reclaimed wood. This can be difficult to find in such a large surface area, but Rocky Mountain Reclaimed can custom order it for you. Barn doors seem like a big installation, but really it’s just attaching a sliding feature to the wall and slipping the new door into it. We especially love this trend because the epoxy resin acts as a smoked glass. Viewers on either side can see light and shadows seep through the cracks, but there is no clear view. It’s an ideal door for adding privacy without the cost of a bulky look. 


Similar to the table and barn doors, reclaimed wood using epoxy resin looks incredible when used as a headboard. Since every wood slab and epoxy detailing is unique, you can create a one of a kind look in your bedroom space. The live edge of the wood mixed with the striking colors of the epoxy is truly a match made in heaven. You could even add shelving on the sides or full nightstands to pair well alongside it. 


Like shelving, storage can easily be made with reclaimed wood and epoxy resin. Whether you want a full wall of customized shelving or a simple chest to store your valuables, there are so many ways to make these look incredible. Storage tends to get left behind in the design of homes, why not make yours a statement?! This is a great project for any weekend DIYer to take on for years of enjoyment to come.


Last but not least, reclaimed wood lights with epoxy resin are stunning projects for the whole family. This can come in the form of a massive lamp feature or even a small night light. The epoxy coloring looks phenomenal when lit from behind. Easily change the light and the vibe of any space when you build reclaimed wood light features using epoxy resin.

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