If you’ve been following Rocky Mountain Reclaimed for a while, you’ll know that one of our most popular products is Thermory cladding. As a fan-favorite for many years, Thermory has continually changed the game for reclaimed wood and cladding materials. Through the use of their groundbreaking modification process, Thermory is able to produce a high quality material at a fraction of the cost and time.

Thermory’s overarching goal is to change the world of wood. They have already made their mark on the industry in a monumental way and strive to only keep improving as time goes on. Thermory is one of the most sustainable cladding materials on the market that is able to combat weather and last with minimal upkeep. When it comes to engineered reclaimed wood, Thermory is our top choice for consumers.

What Makes Thermory Different?

The biggest thing that sets Thermory apart is their modification process. Typically with reclaimed wood, wood is taken from abandoned buildings and put through a kiln drying process to purify it before reuse. But with Thermory, they take a new piece of wood and add heat and steam to naturally weather it. These elements enhance the aging of the wood and give it a sophisticated and refined appearance. 

This proprietary process is revolutionary, as Thermory is able to control the amount of heat and steam to alter the appearance and durability to their liking. This results in a consistent product with minimal flaws— truly a perfect piece of wood every time.

Benefits of Thermory Cladding

As you can imagine, Thermory’s innovative product has a plethora of benefits for its consumers. Beyond its stunning aesthetic, Thermory offers a wide range of functional advantages for customers to enjoy.

Rot and Pest Resistant

When installing any wood products on the exterior or interior of a home, it’s always important to know its level of resistance against any harmful elements. Thermory is unique in that it is completely rot and pest resistant. It’s scientifically proven to last at least 25 years exposed to these elements without any damage.


One of Thermory’s biggest benefits is its stability to temperatures and varying levels of humidity. When compared to standard wood, Thermory has a much lower level of moisture content after being exposed to wet conditions. In that same token, the humidity levels and thermal temperature remain consistent and well-performing for decades regardless of conditions.

Fire Rating

With any wood products, it’s good to be sure about their flammability. When the fire spread rate and smoke production was tested by experts, Thermory achieved a Class B fire rating. In comparison, typical kiln-dried wood is a Class C. So although it’s not entirely resistant to fire, Thermory is a huge step in the right direction for a wood material.


Of course, one of the most important factors in a material is its strength. Scientists tested the moisture content, weight, and density of Thermory’s products. They determined that the material was well-suited for a high impact environment. When compared to natural wood, Thermory’s surface was more durable and long-lasting.

Top Recommended Thermory Cladding Products

When it comes to Thermory’s products, there’s no going wrong. The most popular cladding collection by Thermory is their Benchmark series. Thermory has been perfecting these products for over 20 years and it remains one of the most popular options on the market. For those who want a natural wood look that is long-lasting and resistant to the elements, the Benchmark series is perfect for you.

In addition, Thermory has another line of cladding called the Drift Defying Collection. Drift really gives that look of authentic reclaimed wood without the hassle of the unknowns. With an unrivaled level of durability and longevity, this product offers customers a relaxed wood surface with a rustic look. It’s a great product for those wanting some rustic character without the upkeep and uncertainty. 

Overall, Thermory remains one of the top brands on the market for engineered reclaimed wood. It’s unparalleled products, sustainable footprint, and proprietary process of manufacturing make it a customer-favorite for a reason. For more information on Thermory or to get a quote on materials today, contact our representatives here or head to Thermory’s website for more details.