Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we are lucky to work with some of the biggest names in reclaimed wood. One of the most popular brands for these materials is Montana Ghost Wood. With years of innovation and product perfecting, Montana Ghost Wood is a top choice for customers worldwide for any reclaimed needs.

What is Montana Ghost Wood?

Founded in 1976, Montana Ghost Wood is a product of Bitterroot Valley Products. They have been innovating reclaimed solutions for decades and have helped customers all-over achieve their design dreams. Their mission is to provide high quality and high performing products with a beautiful aesthetic appeal to enjoy for years.

Montana Ghost Wood is a unique product of Bitterroot Valley Products in that it was developed over the span of many years with detailed research. It delivers that distinctive look we all know and love of reclaimed wood without the hassle of lessened performance. Beyond its authentic charm, users also enjoy ease of installation and affordable pricing. When it comes to reclaimed wood, Montana Ghost Wood is unmatched.

Montana Ghost Wood is one of the best available choices for those looking to preserve their ecological footprint. Striving to use SFI and FSC certified lumber, Montana Ghost Wood goes above and beyond to deliver products built to last that are both sustainable and beautiful. Their wide range of quality products for a myriad of projects and designs has something for everyone! With Montana Ghost Wood, you can be sure that you are choosing materials that are great for the environment that won’t break the bank.

What Makes Montana Ghost Wood Different?

Montana Ghost Wood is a customer-favorite for a reason! Beyond the attractive benefits of these materials, there are a plethora of benefits to consider. One of the main advantages users enjoy is the low maintenance nature of Montana Ghost Wood. Other than an occasional visual check to ensure no signs of damage, these materials will require very little upkeep compared to similar products on the market. This will save a ton of time and money down the road.

Montana Ghost Wood products are also cut to exact spec measurements, making installation a breeze for anyone. On the topic of the physical boards, these will also come with very little defects compared to other brands. Since wood is natural and unpredictable, oftentimes buyers will notice unforeseen damages. Montana Ghost Wood makes sure to dispose of any defective boards at each step of their manufacturing process. 

Another huge benefit to these materials is their low cost. Montana Ghost Wood resembles that same charm of normal reclaimed wood but comes at about half the price. This can especially come in handy for those considering larger products or looking to install these materials throughout different areas of a property. Low costs allow for wider ranges of use and beautiful designs as a result.

Products Available

It’s always important to keep in mind when buying reclaimed materials that they may not match exactly. Wood is a natural material with a wide range of colors and textures, all reclaimed wood will come out looking slightly different. But honestly, isn’t that the beauty of it?

Montana Ghost Wood specializes in siding profiles, square edge products, and custom orders. They have a wide range of colors spanning from natural (Bannack Brown) to even a distinctive red toned wood (Ruby River). You can check out more of these products and their beautiful looks at our Montana Ghost Wood webpage.