When it comes to interior and exterior siding, there are endless options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a delicate touch of texture or a rustic feel, traditional siding is a great way to showcase your personality on every surface. 

At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we have a wide range of exterior and interior siding options for customers to take advantage of. Although we specialize in reclaimed materials, we also offer an extensive variety of new and faux siding for those looking for a little something extra. 

Shiplap Siding

One of the most popular traditional siding options for the interior and exterior of homes is shiplap siding. Shiplap gives off a simplistic elegance and modern appeal. It is beloved by many for its minimalist touch and hint of texture. 

The overlapping design of shiplap allows for maximum insulation and for the material to withstand cooler climates. It’s an incredibly durable and versatile material that’s easy to install and will look great for decades. For those looking for minimal upkeep, shiplap is a low maintenance option that typically will not need any repairs or replacements for a long time.

Tongue And Groove Siding

Similar to shiplap, tongue and groove siding is another customer-favorite for its simple and beautiful façade. These boards are typically installed vertically or horizontally and are joined seamlessly to create a flat surface. 

Since this siding comes in solid pieces of wood, they are reversible and allow the installer to have plenty of options in terms of design. We offer this style in a myriad of wood species for customers to personalize with. When it comes to creativity and showcasing your own sense of style, tongue and groove siding is the way to go. 

Channel Siding

Channel siding is the perfect option for homeowners on the hunt for a rustic flair. Channel siding resembles shiplap but has a wider board face and more distinctive wood characteristics. With this siding, you can expect more wood grain and reclaimed charm to showcase on the walls of any space.

Especially for those living in a Colorado climate, this siding option stands up well to most environmental conditions. It allows for climate control in all seasons with little to no maintenance throughout the year. 

Log Lap Siding

Log lap siding is the ideal style for creating a mountain home charm and appeal. Bring all the log cabin characters to the walls of your home anywhere. There’s no better way to create an authentic look for a fraction of the cost. 

Since log lap siding is made from real wood, most homeowners do not have to worry about staining or painting it to preserve its look. This is also a great option for the eco-conscious consumer. Since the majority of the tree trunk is used in the manufacturing process, waste is minimized.

Bevel Siding

Bevel siding is one of the most classic styles for traditional wood siding. It’s available in cedar and knotty grades and is made by re-sawing lumber at an angle. The result is boards that are thicker on one end and thin on the other. Once installed, the surface is a textured, jagged face that’s perfect for the outdoors.

Western Red Cedar is one of the most popular options for bevel siding, but you will also find it available in Pine, Spruce, and Fir. It’s the perfect material to give a home a cottage-like feel and rustic appeal.

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