With so much rural sprawl in recent years, it’s no wonder rustic charm is on the forefront of trending designs. There’s been a surge in interior home decoration that resembles farmhouses, reclaimed materials, and rural life as a whole. One of the most popular ways homeowners are implementing these designs into their homes is by using live edge materials.

Live edge materials are typically slabs or smaller fragments of wood with the natural edge left untouched. Often, you will find real wood has been cut to create a perfect square or shape to fit a space. But with live edge materials, you opt for a more natural, imperfect look. With the right coat of sealant and some regular maintenance, these are the perfect materials to add character to any space.

Dining Table

When you think of live edge wood, dining tables are often one of the first features to come to mind. Dining tables, or any table surface for that matter, are a great way to incorporate a live edge face affordably. Since these structures are often pieces of furniture and not attached to the home, they can easily be added or swapped out. 

Live edge dining tables are great for the entire family to gather around after a long day and enjoy a meal. Given the nature of wood, every table is unique and one of a kind to you and your space. It’s the perfect addition for a hint of rustic qualities without the commitment of an installation.


Another incredibly popular way to incorporate live edge materials into a space is with shelving. Shelving is a great feature for a whisper of rustic flair without detracting from the overall look and feel of a space. The beauty of shelving is that they can be as big or small as needed and improve the function of any space.

Window & Door Frames

Live edge wood framing for doors and windows is a unique and beautiful way to make your home stand out. Although it will require a bit more work than some other additions, this feature is sure to bring value and subtle hints of charm throughout every space in a home.

This is the kind of feature that sets a home apart when it comes time to sell. A small investment in your time and the interior design can truly bring immense value to a home. This is a small detail that will set the tone for the entirety of the home’s design. 

Bed Headboard

A live edge bed headboard is something interior designers and architects alike dream about. The natural waves of the wood and the effortless grain flow seamlessly across any space. It’s sure to bring dimension and raw texture to the design of your bedroom. 

Given the nature of live edge materials, no two will ever be the same. This means that your headboard could be perfectly symmetrical or entirely lop-sided— and that’s the beauty of it! There’s nothing quite like resting at the end of the day on a naturally beautiful piece of wood that’s unique to you. 

Sliding Barn Door

Lastly, live edge wood slabs used as sliding barn doors are a great way to add function and value to a space. What better way to make a feature in your home than to showcase it vertically for all to see. Not to mention, barn doors are extremely functional and are great for rooms that only need to be separated a small fraction of the time. 

You can even take this a step further and include an epoxy resin feature within the slabs surface. This will look phenomenal when light flows through to the other side. Again, just another way that live edge materials can make your home stand out and improve performance for years to come.

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