Have you ever wandered down a beach and observed the beautifully worn wood along the shoreline? These materials are known as driftwood. Driftwood is the grayish, beachy-looking wood that is known for its soft texture and light feel. Not only is it a great material to build with, it’s one of a kind and no two pieces are the same. Make a statement unlike any other in your home with driftwood materials.

Garden Bench

One of the most well-known uses for driftwood is furniture. And a very popular way to incorporate these materials is in the form of outdoor benches. A fan-favorite is driftwood benches for gardens. Due to the unique character and angles that driftwood has, it makes for a great material to add interest and life to a garden bed. Not to mention, due to the lightweight nature of this material, it is very easy to work with. With just a few nails and minimal equipment, this is a structure that any DIYer can take on.

Light Fixtures

Another great way to implement these features is in the form of light fixtures. A simple hanging piece of wood with lights strung on it is a great piece to act as a focal point for any space. This is an affordable and easy to install option perfect for practically any space. Every room needs light— why not make it spectacular? Rather than hanging string lights from the wood, homeowners can also choose to install bulbs into the material for a more seamless look. Whichever way you choose, this is a great feature to be admired for many years to come.

End Tables

Similarly to benches, end tables are another common driftwood project. Due to the fragile and light nature of these materials, they make for great structures that do not need to support enormous amounts of weight. Typically, end tables are mostly cosmetic and do not hold heavy items for long periods of time. If this sounds like an end table that you’ve been needing, consider creating one with driftwood for a fun and fulfilling weekend project.

Unique Shelving

Driftwood is known for its unique look and one of a kind shapes. Make a statement on the walls of your home with shelving that stands out from the rest. Whether you choose to install it directly into studs or wish to hang it from rope, this is a quick and effective way to give your spaces the beachy and relaxed look they need. Be sure to note that if these materials are not properly secured to the wall that they may be fragile and will not hold the same amount of weight as some other materials. 

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are a staple in the interior design of any home. Driftwood is one of the best materials for adding accents of charm and worn materials throughout a space. With a simple addition of a few sticks or a piece that has been created with driftwood, you’re instantly brought to an east coast-like setting. Give your home the comfort and relaxation it needs with driftwood today!

Mirror And Picture Framing

Lastly, one of the best structures to build with driftwood is framing. Frames are essential for any mirror or picture hung in a home; make them truly special. Driftwood comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and coloring for anyone to pick and choose from. Stacking these materials in a frame shape or connecting longer pieces to create the shape you’d like are great options for achieving this project. This is a simple and affordable way to transform the look and feel of any space.

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