There’s nothing like the warmth and comfort that reclaimed materials provide. Wood has been beloved for hundreds of thousands of years for its charm and authenticity. Although reclaimed wood has all of the physical aesthetics that designers love, there are flaws to consider. Many of these materials may contain toxins, sharp edges, or rot from years of decay. Faux reclaimed material solves this issue by providing the same looks and loved character without the hassle of the unknown.

1. Clean Materials You Can Count On

With so much uncertainty surrounding old materials, faux reclaimed wood offers customers a reliable product they can count on. One of the main concerns surrounding traditional reclaimed wood is its origin. So many of these materials come from dirty places ridden with toxic elements. These toxins can make their way into reclaimed wood and cause mishaps later on.

Faux reclaimed wood is artificial and guaranteed to not have any unwanted pests, toxins, or other components that would make it undesirable. These materials are certified clean and function for decades of use. It’s a product that you can rely on to get the job done right, every time.

2. Manufactured Specifically For You

Beyond the cleanliness, one of the biggest advantages of faux reclaimed wood is that it is specifically manufactured. These products have undergone extensive testing and research to be top tier in terms of quality, looks, and longevity. 

Many faux reclaimed wood brands have created products that allow for all the same physical beauty of reclaimed wood without any of the unwanted aspects. These materials are manufactured specifically for certain environments and harsh conditions. For those of us living in unpredictable climates, these materials are your best bet for an all-encompassing product.

3. Variety In Colors And Styles

Faux reclaimed wood is similar to composite decking in that these products are built to resemble natural materials with added functional value. One of the advantages of this is customers are able to choose which color and style works best for them.

Oftentimes with real reclaimed wood, customers are left with mismatched products with edges that don’t quite line-up properly. Faux reclaimed wood is built to fit together precisely and resemble an exact look for any design preference. This is one perk that natural materials just can’t beat.

4. Durability You Can Trust

As mentioned, these faux reclaimed wood products are specifically manufactured to hold up well against even the most severe of weather. With natural materials, sealants and constant upkeep are needed to keep materials functioning during harsh conditions. Manufactured materials allow for constant durability you can trust without too much maintenance needed.

5. Brands Offer Warranties

A huge perk for those still on the fence, most faux reclaimed wood brands offer warranties on all of their materials. This can be extremely helpful for a renovation or replacing any materials later on. In most cases, homeowners with old wood they wish to reclaim will not have a warranty as an option.

These materials have tons of uncertainty surrounding them and the last thing customers need is the lack of a guarantee. Faux reclaimed wood is a reliable and smart option for many customers wanting that extra layer of satisfaction and peace of mind.

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